• 165
  • Lumens
  • 45
  • Hours
  • 165 Lumen Head Torch
  • Burn Time up to 45 Hours




The new Guide provides strong all round performance, with 165 Lumens of evenly distributed light. It provides good illumination for different situations with a number of smart features. The instant off and memory function allows the light to be switched off from any setting and remembered when powered back on. Furthermore the Guide is IPX5 rated making it sufficiently waterproof, ready to be used in rainy or wet conditions. Its diminutive stature keeps the weight close to the forehead and reduces perceived weight. Finally, it is completed with a battery indicator, which gives ample warning when the battery is running low, so you'll never be left stranded without light. 

Product features

Material: ABS
Bulb type: Cree XTE 3 Watt LED
Waterproofness: IPX5                       
Maximum output in Lumen: 165 Lumens White Light
Burn Time: 6 Hrs High, 12 Hrs Medium, 45 Hrs Low
Distance: Up to 60 Meters
Battery type: 3 x AAA (batteries included)
Operating modes: High > medium > low > red light
Instant off: Instant off (press and hold) from any mode
Memory function: The head torch will switch on again on the light setting from which it was switched off
Product size: 56 x 43 x 38mm
Product weight: 85g including batteries


Color option 1