• 230
  • Lumens
  • 73
  • Hours
  • 230 Lumen Head Torch
  • Flood Light and Red Light Settings
  • Individual Switches for Light Settings




The Silverpoint head torch Scout XL320 is a powerful and versatile light. With a maximum output of 230 lumens it lights up to a distance of 70 meters. The flood light is great for peripheral vision and close up work, while the red LED protects your night vision. With the 2 individual switches it is easy to choose the correct light output required. For the production of the Scout Silverpoint has used the latest moulding technology to achieve a very good water protection of IPX6.The Scout is robust, light weight and versatile and therefore a great companion for all outdoor activities.

Product features

Material: ABS
Bulb Type: Cree XPG3, 2 x SMD White LED’s, 1 x SMD red LED
Maximum output in Lumen: 230 Lumens White Light
Operating modes: Switch 1: Cree High > low > flash > off, Switch 2: Flood Light > red light > red flash > off
Waterproofness: IPX6
Battery type: 3 x AAA batteries (included)
Distance: Up to 70 meters
Product size: 58 x 38 x 24 mm 
Product weight: 85g (inc. batteries) 
Colours available: Green

Color option 1